The Nevada Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges

    NevMATYC, the Nevada Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, is a non-profit, education association which encourages the development of effective mathematics programs; affords a state forum for the interchange of ideas; develops and improves the mathematics education and mathematics related experiences of students in two-year colleges.

    NevMATYC also promotes the professional welfare and development of its members; provides the opportunity to study and keep abreast of new trends in mathematics education; promotes professional cooperation and communication between teachers and administrators for the realization of sound education achievements; and promotes support for and involvement in the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.



    Denny Burzynski, CSN: President
    Dan Hooper, TMCC: Northern VP
    Lisa Savy: CSN: Southern VP
    Jonathan Lam, TMCC: Treasurer
    Hieu Do, TMCC: Secretary
    Lisa Trujillo, CSN: Newsletter Editor
    Jen Gorman, CSN: Past-President
    Eric Hutchinson, CSN: 2nd Past-President
    Jim Matovina, CSN: Webmaster
    NevMATYC Constitution


Last Updated: February 9, 2019